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Sundy attended 7th Coal Mongolia

2017/09/19 17:44
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"Coal Mongolia" is an annual international conference and exhibition held under the support of the Mongolian government as well as foreign and domestic coal investors. The 7th "Coal Mongolia" conference and exhibition was held in Shangri-La Hotel, on 7-9 September 2017.


Sundy had the honor to attend the famous conference in coal industry of Mongolia.


Currently, Mongolian coal export capacity has reached about 50 million tonnes but actual export is around half of the full capacity. Thus, new objectives of "Coal Mongolia" conference have been renewed to improve structure and conformity of coal export, trade, transportation, logistics and customs as well as to increase efficiency of the foreign and domestic investments.


Base on the situation, we can see the Mongolia coal industry is developing in good direction. More than 90% customers of Mongolia coal is from China. Thus there are stable business relationship between Mongolia and China. As the neighbor of China, Mongolia prefers Chinese coal analysis instruments with competitive price and stable quality.


Sundy is a leading provider in China with 24 years of experience for Coal Analysis Instrument, including Bomb Calorimeter, Sulfur Analyzer, CHN analyzer,  Elemental Analyzer, Proximate Analyzer, Ash Fusion Tester, Sample preparation equipment, etc. As a result, this conference was good opportunity for Sundy. Through the conference, Sundy successfully met some potential customers and convinced them with competitive price and stable quality. Sundy also showed good brand image to the customers with strong R&D and strict quality control procedure.

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